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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LIANG ZHEN PU (bagua quan)

LIANG ZHEN PU (bagua quan)Bong Hai Chang (Tung Hai-Chuan) has many other students that contributed to the popularity of the Bagua. The following are a list of his students that have information available in English. They are

Liang Zhen Pu (1863-1932) was Dong Haichuan's youngest student. He came from the Jixian county of Hebei province. He studied Tan Tui (a kicking style) from age 7 to 14. In 1877, his father sent him to sent him to study with Dong Haichuan. He studied with Dong for the next five years and also learned from Cheng Ting Hua , Yin Fu, Shih Chi Tung, and Liu Feng Chun. After the revolution of 1911, Liang became a head of Guard Bureau and later on some of his teachings were published. Pu is the only student of Dong Haichuan to be buried next to his tomb.

His Bagua had little influence from other styles and is most circular in nature among the Bagua variants. Every one of his sets are taught in a circle, unlike versions from earlier students.

Students : Li Ziming (1902-1993).

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