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Master Victor Lie Kuang Hwa
Victor Lie Kuang Hwa 

Victor Lie Kuang Hwa was born in Pamekasan Madura on May 10 1938. His father, Lie Gun Yin, was a champion of current kung fu shaolin. From his father Koh Hwa, the nickname of Victor Lie Kuang Hwa, inherited knowledge of the kung fu self-defence. He practised kung fu since childhood, 12 years. By chance, this knowledge was forced to have to be used to defend himself from the person's attack that was difficult stress. Finally the community around knew and ask for to be trained. That happened in 1963. Since that time he had begun trained privately in his house, the Trunojoyo road no 10 Madiun. The exercise privately this took place for almost 9 years. Just during 1971, at the urging of from several of his loyal pupils, he had finally opened the kung fu exercise for the public by establishing the organisation of the self-defence officially that was given by the name of the Association of the Kuntauw Pro Patria Family.

Nevertheless, his exercise did not yet follow the level of the certain stage. The pupils were given by the exercise according to the talent and the capacity him was their respective. When one knowledge has succeeded in being controlled with good, just was increased with other knowledge. Just from 1980, was compiled by the level of the exercise stage, that was acknowledged as the level of the Pioneer, with material that more terstruktur. Koh Hwa always held on to philosophy RNg. Ronggowarsito: Patient, trust in God, eling, narimo, lan was on the alert.


For Patria was established by Victor Lie Kuang Hwa (close was called by Koh Hwa) in Madiun during 1971. The Pro Patria establishment initially only some by chance. This knowledge was forced to have to be used to defend himself from the person's attack that was difficult stress. Finally the community around knew and ask for to be trained. That happened in 1963. At the time the exercise was carried out privately, not officially as a college. This matter took place up until 1970. In 1971, the pupils who felt the benefit from the exercise and stayed loyal practised urgent to establish a college that was official with the clear identity. Finally on October 28 1971, stood the kung fu college by the name of the "Association" of the "Kuntauw Pro Patria Family." "Pro Patria" words came from the Latin Language that meant to love the Motherland or the Nation. Got official permission from the government on April 14 1972.

The school in

So that more could develop the college, was made an effort to get to gather with one of the mothers of the organisation of the available self-defence. The colour of the self-defence that almost was similar with for Patria was pencak parried (at the time did not yet have the Association of Wushu Indonesia). Finally for Patria gathered with IPSI the Madiun branch. To be able to be accepted to the member IPSI, the Kunthauw name was changed to Parry, without changing essence of self-defence knowledge that must be studied by his member. Finally, for Patria official became the member IPSI the Madiun branch on June 11 1975, by the name of the "Association" of the "Silat Pro Patria Family".

IKS Pro Patria developed both in the country and overseas, although several units there are those that has been again inactive. IKS Pro Patria branches available in part: ·
East Java: the Branch of the Municipality/Kabupaten Madiun, Cabang Kebonsari-Madiun, Cabang Ponorogo, Cabang Nganjuk, Cabang Mojokerto, Cabang Surabaya (the Univ Unit. Widya Mandala), the Branch of Tulakan-Pacitan, Cabang Gate-Malang, Cabang Gorang Gareng Magetan (the PG Rejosari Unit, Unit Mojorejo Kawedanan), etc.. ·
the Branch of Bali · the Branch Lombok-Mataram · the Branch of Surakarta* ·
the Yogyakarta Branch (the Unit of the Student's Activity Parry IKS for Patria UGM, SWI for Patria UAJY, the excrement Unit Chi the Lecturer and the Employee UAJY, the UPN Veteran* Unit, the Notoprajan* Unit, the Kotagede Unit, and the Balapan* Co- Brake Unit) ·
the Samarinda* Branch (the Bakuan Palaran Unit and the Javanese District Unit) ·
the Branch of Jambi ·
the Branch of Gold Coast-Australia*, et cetera.
* already not aktif


knowledge parried was divided into two groups: Nui Kung and Way Kung. Way Kung was knowledge parried that used the violence, but this matter was not absolute, because of knowledge parried this also became part of softness knowledge as his mother. To Way Kung was gotten by 70% violence and 30% softness. The guide pesilat the Way Kung current was hard the hard opponent, because not only their power was big, but his bones were then hard like the iron and his muscle big looked real. Pesilat Way Kung generally is the person that bertubuh strong and high big.

Whereas Nui Kung was knowledge parried that only used 10% power and 90% softness. Knowledge parried this was really appropriate for the person that bertubuh small and weak, because they had many minds, nimbleness, intelligence and perseverance. Nui Kung his stage was higher than Way Kung, because of being refinement or the finishing from Way Kung. Knowledge parried Kung Fu was divided into two big currents, the North current that developed in north the Jang Ciang river, and the South current that developed in south the Jang Ciang river. Knowledge parried the north current more give priority to foot as the mainstay step, and the south current more relied on hands steps. But did not mean the kick step foot the south current lost his quality compared to the north current, vice versa. To the south current had several that gave priority to the kick step, and to the north current also there are those that gave priority to the game of the hands.

Self-defence knowledge was for Patria compiled scientifically and paid attention to the practicability with based on in Kung Fu (results of the serious and diligent exercise). Knowledge that was taught was gathered in such a way as to be the blend of Utara Kung Fu and Selatan Kung Fu. Various exercises were meant to train four important aspects that is: the Self-defence (protected himself and the other person that needed), Sport (for the health and fitness), Art (for beauty of the most united movement and was experienced fully really), and bounced (perseverance, patience, peace, perseverance and the policy).

Could not be ignored that plenty of lovers of knowledge parried that could not achieve his feelings to really had the knowledge skill parried because of the untrue look method. They only pursued the status of the high stage and the certificate, so as to practise only a to meet the target the value of the exam then. The highness or lowness of the knowledge skill parried someone depended in cooked not him the cores of knowledge silat him. What his stage and the kind whether knowledge parried that was studied by him did not become the principle. There was the proverb in self-defence that to become expert parried that was strong must have: first courage, the two strengths, and the three established steps core-basically. I Tan, Êr Li, San Kung Fu.

KUNG FU steps for PATRIA Although in for Patria the main colour of his step was the Tiger, as being pointed out in his symbol, but also was studied by various colours of the animal step:
1. The Harimau step (Hu) - stressed the strength of the blow and the kick, could dodge while attacked all through the opposing body.
2. The Kera step (Hou ce) - stressed the liveliness of the movement, the use of the mind in the condition anything, could ruin the opponent used the strength of the opponent personally.
3. The Macan Tutul step (Pa) - too much did not give priority to the physical soundness but nimbleness, the blow and the kick headed to the opposing body with more specific.
4. The Naga step (the Bend) - more often stretched and achieved strongly, featured the characteristics of masculinity.
5. The Ular step (Coa) - give priority to processed breathing, so as although initially weak appearance like that received the exact target will result in fatal. More often put forward the pliancy.
6. The Bangau step (Hoo) - gave priority to peace and vigilance, although the movement of slow appearance but at the appropriate time the attack could be carried out quickly and suddenly.
7. The Belalang step (Thang lang) - relied on nimbleness, the gesture and foot could together, and firm stances

Moreover was studied Chi Chuan excrement. The Tai Chi Pro Patria step was the combination from various Chi excrement currents available. Apart from for the health, the benefit of Chi excrement that was other was to strengthen the power of body immunity.

The Long curriculum
The exercise in for Patria was divided into various stages that were acknowledged as the level of the pioneer.

On the whole the exercise stage in for Patria that is:
1. The Pioneer's program I: the White Belt
2. The Perintis program Ii: the Yellow Belt
3. The Perintis program III: the green Belt
4. The Perintis program IV: the dark green Belt
5. The Champion's Young program: the Blue Belt
6. The Young champion: the Chocolate Belt
7. The champion: the Black belt For a long time time from respectively the Pioneer's stage that is 6 months, whereas in the champion's young program et cetera depended the assessment from the Pendekar Council, usually respectively at least 4 years.

The New curriculum
The curriculum has for a long time begun around late 2006 already was not taught again, as his substitute material changed to steps shaolin chuan (shaolin boxing) .Informasi concerning this program would we update following afterwards.

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Text indonesia :

Guru besar :
Victor Lie Kuang Hwa lahir di Pamekasan Madura tanggal 10 Mei 1938. Ayahnya, Lie Gun Yin, adalah seorang pendekar kungfu aliran shaolin. Dari ayahnya inilah Koh Hwa, panggilan akrab Victor Lie Kuang Hwa, mewarisi ilmu beladiri kungfu. Beliau berlatih kungfu sejak kecil, 12 tahun.
Secara kebetulan, ilmu tersebut terpaksa harus digunakan untuk membela diri dari serangan orang yang sedang stres berat. Akhirnya masyarakat sekitar tahu dan meminta untuk dilatih. Hal itu terjadi tahun 1963. Sejak saat itu beliau mulai melatih secara privat di rumahnya, jalan Trunojoyo no 10 Madiun. Latihan secara privat tersebut berlangsung selama hampir 9 tahun. Baru pada tahun 1971, atas desakan dari beberapa murid setianya, beliau akhirnya membuka latihan kungfu untuk umum dengan mendirikan organisasi beladiri secara resmi yang diberi nama Ikatan Keluarga Kuntauw Pro Patria.
Walaupun demikian, latihannya belum mengikuti jenjang tingkatan yang pasti. Para murid diberi latihan menurut bakat dan kemampuannya masing-masing. Bila satu ilmu sudah berhasil dikuasai dengan baik, barulah ditambah dengan ilmu yang lain. Baru mulai tahun 1980, disusun jenjang tingkatan latihan, yang disebut tingkat Perintis, dengan materi yang lebih terstruktur.
Koh Hwa selalu berpegang pada falsafah RNg. Ronggowarsito: Sabar, tawakal, eling, narimo, lan waspada.

Pro Patria didirikan oleh Victor Lie Kuang Hwa (akrab dipanggil Koh Hwa) di Madiun pada tahun 1971. Berdirinya Pro Patria pada awalnya hanyalah suatu kebetulan. Ilmu tersebut terpaksa harus digunakan untuk membela diri dari serangan orang yang sedang stres berat. Akhirnya masyarakat sekitar mengetahui dan meminta untuk dilatih. Hal itu terjadi tahun 1963. Pada saat itu latihan dilakukan secara privat, tidak secara resmi sebagai suatu perguruan. Hal tersebut berlangsung sampai tahun 1970.
Tahun 1971, para murid yang telah merasakan manfaat dari latihan dan tetap setia berlatih mendesak untuk mendirikan suatu perguruan yang resmi dengan identitas yang jelas. Akhirnya pada tanggal 28 Oktober 1971, berdirilah perguruan kungfu dengan nama "Ikatan Keluarga Kuntauw Pro Patria." Kata "Pro Patria" berasal dari Bahasa Latin yang berarti Cinta Tanah Air atau Bangsa. Mendapatkan ijin resmi dari pemerintah pada tanggal 14 April 1972.
Agar dapat lebih mengembangkan perguruan, diusahakanlah untuk bergabung dengan salah satu induk organisasi bela diri yang ada. Warna bela diri yang hampir mirip dengan Pro Patria adalah pencak silat (pada saat itu belum ada Persatuan Wushu Indonesia). Akhirnya Pro Patria bergabung dengan IPSI cabang Madiun. Untuk dapat diterima menjadi anggota IPSI, nama Kunthauw diubah menjadi Silat, tanpa mengubah hakikat ilmu beladiri yang harus dikaji anggotanya. Akhirnya, Pro Patria resmi menjadi anggota IPSI cabang Madiun pada tanggal 11 Juni 1975, dengan nama "Ikatan Keluarga Silat Pro Patria".

IKS Pro Patria telah berkembang baik di dalam negeri maupun di luar negeri, walaupun beberapa unit ada yang sudah tidak aktif lagi. Cabang-cabang IKS Pro Patria yang ada antara lain:
· Jawa Timur: Cabang Kodya/Kabupaten Madiun, Cabang Kebonsari-Madiun, Cabang Ponorogo, Cabang Nganjuk, Cabang Mojokerto, Cabang Surabaya (Unit Univ. Widya Mandala), Cabang Tulakan-Pacitan, Cabang Lawang-Malang, Cabang Gorang Gareng Magetan (Unit PG Rejosari, Unit Mojorejo Kawedanan), dll.
· Cabang Bali
· Cabang Lombok-Mataram
· Cabang Surakarta*
· Cabang Yogyakarta (Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa Silat IKS Pro Patria UGM, SWI Pro Patria UAJY, Unit Tai Chi Dosen dan Karyawan UAJY, Unit UPN Veteran*, Unit Notoprajan*, Unit Kotagede, dan Unit Korem Balapan*)
· Cabang Samarinda* (Unit Bakuan Palaran dan Unit Kelurahan Jawa)
· Cabang Jambi
· Cabang Gold Coast-Australia*, dan lain-lain.
* sudah tidak aktif

Jakarta (Depok)

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Richard W. A. Hari P.

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Agus Didik Irawan
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Untuk cabang UGM Yogyakarta, Contact Person :

M. Ali Said 08121559770

latihan PP
Ilmu silat dibagi menjadi dua golongan: Nui Kung dan Way Kung. Way Kung adalah ilmu silat yang menggunakan kekerasan, tetapi hal tersebut tidak mutlak, karena ilmu silat ini juga menjadi bagian dari ilmu kelembutan sebagai induknya. Pada Way Kung terdapat 70% kekerasan dan 30% kelembutan. Pedoman pesilat aliran Way Kung adalah keras lawan keras, karena bukan saja tenaga mereka besar, namun tulangnya pun keras bagai besi dan ototnya besar kelihatan nyata. Para pesilat Way Kung umumnya adalah orang yang bertubuh kuat dan tinggi besar.
Sedangkan Nui Kung adalah ilmu silat yang hanya menggunakan 10% tenaga dan 90% kelembutan. Ilmu silat ini sesuai benar bagi orang yang bertubuh kecil dan lemah, karena mereka mempunyai banyak akal, kegesitan, kecerdasan dan keuletan. Nui Kung tingkatannya lebih tinggi dari pada Way Kung, karena merupakan penghalusan atau penyempurnaan dari Way Kung.
Ilmu silat Kung Fu dibagi menjadi dua aliran besar, aliran Utara yang berkembang di utara sungai Jang Ciang, dan aliran Selatan yang berkembang di selatan sungai Jang Ciang. Ilmu silat aliran utara lebih mengutamakan kaki sebagai jurus andalan, dan aliran selatan lebih mengandalkan jurus-jurus tangan. Tetapi tidak berarti jurus tendangan kaki aliran selatan kalah mutunya dibanding aliran utara, dan sebaliknya. Pada aliran selatan ada beberapa yang mengutamakan jurus tendangan, dan pada aliran utara juga ada yang mengutamakan permainan tangan.
Ilmu beladiri Pro Patria disusun secara ilmiah dan memperhatikan kepraktisan dengan bersendi pada Kungfu (hasil dari latihan yang serius dan tekun). Ilmu yang diajarkan telah diramu sedemikian rupa sehingga merupakan perpaduan Kungfu Utara dan Kungfu Selatan. Berbagai latihan tersebut dimaksudkan untuk melatih empat aspek penting yaitu: Bela Diri (melindungi diri dan orang lain yang membutuhkan), Olah Raga (untuk kesehatan dan kebugaran), Seni (untuk keindahan gerak yang terpadu dan dihayati benar-benar), dan Mental (ketekunan, kesabaran, ketenangan, keuletan dan kebijaksanaan).
Tidak dapat dipungkiri bahwa banyak sekali penggemar ilmu silat yang tidak dapat mencapai cita-citanya menjadi benar-benar memiliki kemahiran ilmu silat karena cara pandang yang tidak benar. Mereka cuma mengejar status tingkatan yang tinggi dan ijasah, sehingga berlatih hanya sekedar untuk memenuhi target nilai ujian saja. Tinggi-rendahnya kepandaian ilmu silat seseorang tergantung pada masak tidaknya inti-inti ilmu silatnya. Apa tingkatannya dan macam apa ilmu silat yang telah dipelajarinya tidak menjadi prinsip. Ada peribahasa dalam persilatan bahwa untuk menjadi ahli silat yang tangguh perlu memiliki: pertama keberanian, kedua kekuatan, dan ketiga jurus-jurus yang masak inti-intinya. I Tan, Êr Li, San Kung Fu.

Walaupun dalam Pro Patria warna utama jurusnya adalah Harimau, seperti ditunjukkan dalam lambangnya, tetapi juga dipelajari berbagai warna jurus binatang:

  1. Jurus Harimau (Hu) - menekankan kekuatan pukulan dan tendangan, dapat menghindar sambil menyerang ke seluruh tubuh lawan.

  2. Jurus Kera (Hou ce') - menekankan kelincahan gerak, penggunaan akal dalam kondisi apapun, bisa menjatuhkan lawan menggunakan kekuatan lawan sendiri.

  3. Jurus Macan Tutul (Pa) - tidak terlalu mengutamakan kekokohan fisik tapi kegesitan, pukulan dan tendangan mengarah ke tubuh lawan dengan lebih spesifik.

  4. Jurus Naga (Lung) - lebih banyak menggeliat dan mematuk dengan kuat, menonjolkan sifat kejantanan.

  5. Jurus Ular (Coa) - mengutamakan olah pernapasan, sehingga walau awalnya tampak lemah begitu mendapat sasaran tepat akan berakibat fatal. Lebih banyak menampilkan kelenturan.

  6. Jurus Bangau (Hoo) - mengutamakan ketenangan dan kewaspadaan, walau gerak tampak lamban tapi pada saat yang tepat serangan dapat dilakukan dengan cepat dan tiba-tiba.

  7. Jurus Belalang (Thang lang) - mengandalkan kegesitan, gerak tangan dan kaki bisa serempak, dan kuda-kuda kokoh.
Selain itu dipelajari Tai Chi Chuan. Jurus Tai Chi Pro Patria merupakan gabungan dari berbagai aliran Tai Chi yang ada. Selain untuk kesehatan, manfaat Tai Chi yang lain adalah untuk menguatkan daya kekebalan tubuh.

Kurikulum Lama
Latihan di Pro Patria dibagi dalam berbagai tingkatan-tingkatan yang disebut tingkat perintis. Secara keseluruhan tingkatan latihan dalam Pro Patria yaitu :
1. Program Perintis I : Sabuk Putih
2. Program Perintis II: Sabuk Kuning
3.Program Perintis III : Sabuk Hijau Muda
4.Program Perintis IV: Sabuk Hijau Tua
5.Program Pendekar Muda: Sabuk Biru
6.Pendekar Muda: Sabuk Coklat
7.Pendekar: sabuk Hitam

Lama waktu dari masing-masing tingkatan Perintis yaitu 6 bulan, sedangkan pada program pendekar muda dan seterusnya tergantung penilaian dari Dewan Pendekar, biasanya masing-masing paling tidak 4 tahun.
Kurikulum Baru
Kurikulum lama mulai sekitar akhir tahun 2006 sudah tidak diajarkan lagi, sebagai gantinya materi berubah ke jurus-jurus shaolin chuan (shaolin boxing).Informasi mengenai program ini akan kami update menyusul kemudian.
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