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Wednesday, January 2, 2008


The Han dynasty was divided to Han west (207 bc -25 bc) and Han east (25 bc -220 m.).
Established by Liu the bang after succeeding in breaking the Qin dynasty and winning in the competition from Hang I (Chu money pa). the name they use for Wu Yi the first time emerged in the Han dynasty. The Wu Yi term continued to be the contents most popular to kung Fu. At that time Wu Yi covered the struggle port the weapon, the Struggle with the weapon, the series Exercise of the movement and the teamed exercise.
Fist sport and wrestle really famous.

Because of the emperor's urging Han Wu ti. The emperor who really was known to expense melitery Han. in the Dynasty note Han assign that participant the fist only wore shorts as the boxer modern. but not use the patron of the hands and did not have the limitation for the safety. The match g safer. participan was not permitted struck and kicked won lost was determined by the figure that was gathered during participan succeeded in pushing the opponent in the land. The game an the sword was very popular and was appreciated. Both the fighter and man of letters and the scientist was involved in the sword exercise, But Also the sword dance that was put forward by the pretty girl. Often very much was held in various demonetise with the sword as the main weapon.

In the time Han east had a healer named Hua Tuo stated that the "Human Body needed the exercise that continually and was arranged helped the digestion, stimulate the circulation" of "blood and formed the body kept from the illness." Created by Wu Cin Sin (the exercise of five animals).


On the end of the Han dynasty east, happened rebellion the people who was known with dress yellow with the support castrated in palace Han east. Guvnor sent the strength crushed rebellion but after rebelion was crushed. Castrated that was supportive the revolt was crushed and after that happened the war between guvnor and the noble that reputed the weak emperor.In period Many commanders of the war that was respected for example you you became the strongest commander how come because of the incident of San zhan Lu Bu namely the battle between you Ms and the Trinity (Lui Bei, Guan come on and Zhang Fei). Lu bu that carried the branching spear could oppose Lui bei that carried arms twine's sword, Guan come on that carried the famous knife stick great and Zhang Fei used the spear of the snake tongue.
You you could compete with Trio single because nominalizing partice techniquen supple and avoided that was strong and attacked that was weak,With Lui Bei, Guan come on and zhang Fei want to very fast pushed you with a pole you.

The end conflict guvnor that. The formation of Sam Kok (three countries).
(1) WEI that pinch hit Han east was established by Chou Chou but also Chou Chou personally had not become the king Wei.
(2) SHU Han that was established by Lui bei was helped Zhuge Liang and five the tiger general (Guan yu, Zhang Fei ,Zhan yun, Ma chao and Huang Chung.
(3) TUNG Wu was established by the sun quan that was the great-grandchild from the sun tzu
The end conflict Sam kok time this Wei could not control shu and Wu. Shu han could not unite the territory Han east that was his ancestors because after Zhuge the hole did not have the good empire Han. and Wu that was led by the Sun Quan that relied on the strategic area could not seize all china. Finally all china fell in the domain of Sze Ma Se by using the name of the genie's country.

After the Han fall east and the time Ending of Sam kok Dynasty of the Jin (221M-534M) was divided into two jin. the first genie was acknowledged as west by the jin because of concentrating in pe king and the east jin who concentrated in neng king resulting from the attack of five foreign ethnic groups. For the period the movement carried arms and without the weapon was united to form the series of the step. His aim was to enable the practitioners remember movemet better. Combination the step that often was put forward to show was distinguished with that was used for the involved need. Besides this had the difference in the training of self-defence art between the practice of the series of the single and teamed step. The dynasty of the Jin did not last long his age because of the disturbance emergence that was known with WU TWO. inside this disorder not few great people but was not so famous. The disorder that was caused by five foreign ethnic groups. Happened the north dynasty time and the south dynasty.

In the year 386 WEI north stood in the west and in the year 420 attacked the west genie that result the capital of the genie moved to the east. In the year 534 WEI north the war between the noble happened. Was broken Wei north became two WEI east (534-550) and WEI west (535-556). WEI east was replaced by Qi north (550-557) and WEI west was replaced by Zhou north. In the year 557 north dynasties were united by Zhou north after Qi north lost. And in the year 581 Zhau north was replaced by the SUI dynasty (581-618). In the south stood the dynasty Sole (420-479). And in the year 479 were replaced by the Qi Dynasty. In the year 502 were replaced by the dynasty of the Hole.and in the year 557 were seized by the Chen dynasty and in the year 589 dynasties of Chen was attacked Sui in the north and ended the North dynasty Time and the south Dynasty.

The Sui dynasty did not last long because of governing with the iron fist and cruel, and as a result appear the revolt 18 crown princes (Se Pa you Huan Wang) . at this time of plenty of commanders of the expert war kun fu as well as famous, for example Li Yuan Pa, Wen chen Tu, Pei Yuan ching, Lao cheng , Wu Yuan chao and etc. These commanders were experts kung fu that had the strong power so as with very much the movement of the opponent will run.
In the war 18 crown princes were won by Li Shi Men and established the dynasty tang.

In the genie's west time and the east genie in Shanghai lived Khe hung that was known as the healer who studied respiratory knowledge and China medical treatment that published the famous medical treatment book by the name of the matters pertaining to such healing Book to be old China. That said "if humankind study perfect breathing will with their big volume be free from the illness, when they often the exercise. invent will not be easy old." The human body was in air and air was in the body. For them who were skilled and controlled can the respiratory technique, apart from his body healthy will be avoided from disease., as well as strong held back hunger, he will also achieve the long age. The book matters pertaining to such healing old china said that breathing humankind short will be aged short. Deep-breathing humankind will be aged long. When the human body in the contents was full of clean air, then he will then become healthy and was immune to the illness.

In the year 527 monks Ta Mo (Bodhidharma/Daruma Tai Shi) that was generation to 28 Buddhist Saykawuni (the Founder of the Buddhist religion) and was the pioneer of the teaching Buddhist Zen in china carried out the trip far from India, crossed the middle plain and arrived in the capital of the Dynasty of the Hole to teach the buddhis. religion although also the Buddhist teaching has entered China in the age to one/to two masehi but the character of his foundation developed to the side of that increasingly far from the Buddhist teaching thay in fact him.

Although also at that time the emperor of the Wu Hole followed the Buddhist religion and ordered texs Buddha translation from the language sansekerta to the language china, these efforts were followed in the hope that the community china could study and apply the Buddhist teaching.Go to work was a magnum opus and in believed in Emperor Liang Wu as the road to heaven. In this case Ta Mo not an understanding with this view according to Ta Mo a person could not achieve his aim only through the good action that was undertaken by the other person in the name of the size, began this opinion dispute the Emperor refused the Buddhist doctrine of the religious teaching from Ta Mo. From there was known although also the emperor of the Hole together the Buddhist follower evidently their conviction was different.

Because not compatibility between them. secretly Ta mo went to the north to the Wei area north passed the Chang jiang river and went to the Shaolin temple. Ta Mo not protracted saw beauty of nature. But went to a cave that was located landslide the stone was isolated in the Wu ru peak that not have inhabitants. There he meditated appeared the wall for nine years and practised kung fu until defactor the Silhouette that was printed in the wall of the cave and was acknowledged as secret lasting.

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